5 Home Decor Tips for This Festive Season

The Ganesh Chaturthi festivities have begun in full swing. The 10-day gala will soon be followed by other festivals like Onam, Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Diwali. Any celebrations call for meeting up with friends, visiting each other’s house, and making delicacies. The festivals are also the perfect excuse to clean up our homes, add new decor or at times completely revamp the home.

You are most likely to buy new things or receive gifts that would require space for storage. You can start by cleaning up your house and getting rid of the clutter. Rearrange the furniture and get them polished to give it a fresh look. Get a fresh coat of paint on your walls and add wallpaper to one of the walls, change the flooring, add foot lamps, etc. Here are some easy decor tips for this festive season.


Festivals are all about brightness and light so remember to invest in good quality lighting options. You can buy diyas and tea-light candles, but along with that, you can also invest in lamps or a chandelier, fairy lights, or LEDs to go with your decor. White and warm yellow light can instantly spruce up a space and make it look festive-ready.

Upgrade to festive covers:

Your bedsheets, sofa covers, cushion covers, table mats, etc need a festive upgrade. Use bold-coloured cushion covers to add a pop of colour to the space. Add, bright and festive coloured table cloths that compliments your decor. Add, shimmer and bling to bring festive vibes to a nook or corner of the home.

Fresh Flowers:

Fresh flowers add charm and positivity to the home. Bring home flowers like rose, jasmine, tuberose, and/or marigold. These flowers can be placed anywhere, used as centrepieces, and can be added to urli at the entrance of the house. Add a bouquet of flowers to a vase and it will instantly liven up the room.


While flowers are the first pick in this category, you can add scented candles, and aromatic oils, to add a hint of fragrance to your home.


Now is the time to display the greens to your guests. Indoor plants will never go out of style as they add a look of freshness to the house.