Why Should You Care About Your Pet’s Oral Hygiene?

You probably already know that you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene, but you might not be aware that your pet also needs dental care.

A healthy mouth offers much more than just a smile. Let’s go through some of the ways with which you can ensure your furry friend’s oral hygiene. Because not doing so can assist in exuding bad breath and diseases such as periodontitis or greyhounds.

Brush their teeth on a regular basis so that they get used to the process.
Take them for routine teeth cleanings
Take your pet for regular dental check-ups by your vet. Make sure to do it at least once a year.
Timely check your pet’s mouth to make sure that they do not have any symptoms.
Feed dry dog food to your pet.
Use chew bones and chew toys as they help with breaking up the tartar and plaque.
If you notice any signs of decay in your pets’ teeth, you should ensure to get their dental cleaning done at least once in six months. Not doing so can lead to conditions like gingivitis, which is very painful. Also, it is very complicated and expensive to treat it.
Here’s what you need to keep in mind while brushing your pet’s teeth.

Human toothpaste contains some compounds that are hazardous to animals. Hence, make sure to use the kind of toothpaste that is specially designed for animals.
Do not rush. Start with making your pet used to getting your hands near his mouth. Once you have accomplished that then you can move further.
Pet toothpaste has a pleasant flavour for their taste buds. Hence, make them taste the toothpaste first.
The next step is to introduce them to a toothbrush. Do not force them if they start to rebel. It might get a little time for them to get comfortable, but they will get used to it.