Suspected trespasser in Florida woman’s yard was a massive iguana

A Florida woman who feared someone was repeatedly trespassing in her back yard said she was surprised to finally catch the culprit on camera — an unusually large iguana.

Sheri Sotheby said she had heard strange noises in her Marco Island back yard on multiple occasions and thought someone might be trespassing repeatedly on her property.

“I’ve always been cautious because I constantly hear something out there,” Sotheby told WBBH-TV. “I just had never caught it on camera.”

Sotheby said her suspicions turned to the animal kingdom when she found droppings in her yard.

“I wondered if someone’s pet was in the yard, so that’s when I checked the camera,” she said.

The homeowner said she was shocked to see the animal behind the constant noises.

“It was a large iguana,” Sotheby said.

Ella Guedouar, a graduate student at Florida Gulf Coast University, confirmed the animal recorded by Sotheby appears to be a particularly large green iguana.

Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida and were introduced via the exotic pet trade.

Alfredo Fermin, a trapper contracted to remove iguanas on Marco Island, said the population of the reptiles has been booming in recent years. He said he does not expect the population on the island to ever be fully eradicated.

“If you remove five, 10 more are just going to show up,” Fermin told the Marco Eagle in 2021.