Firefighters rescue cow with head stuck in tree

Firefighters in the U.K. recently happened upon a cow in a sticky situation, as it had somehow gotten its head wedged inside a tree.

The truly “holy cow!” moment occurred Wednesday in the U.K. village of Chilbolton in Hampshire.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were called out to the scene to discover that the cow had stuck its head completely through a fork in the three, and was unable to move.

It is unclear how or when the cow first got stuck.

The firefighters worked with an animal rescue advisor to begin cutting around the tree, slowly removing portions of the willow. A specialized rescue vehicle was reportedly also brought in to assist.

Eventually, the animal was able to free itself and was apparently no worse for the wear.

According to a report from the BBC, the entire rescue operation took over an hour.

With the cow being safe, the local authorities appeared to have some fun with the incident on social media.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service tweeted that the situation was “udderly ridiculous!” and added that the crew had worked to “re-moove” the cow from his temporary trappings.

Udderly ridiculous!

Firefighters were called to rescue this cow which had got its head stuck in a tree in Chilbolton!

The crew worked to re-moove the animal from the willow tree yesterday evening!

Read more here— Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service (@HantsIOW_fire) September 1, 2022

While this might seem like a unique incident, it appears that at least one other cow has gotten itself into this type of situation before.

In 2021, a viral video showed rescue workers in Louisiana freeing a cow that had gotten stuck in a tree following storm damage from Hurricane Ida.

According to USA Today, the workers discovered the cow in Florissant, La., east of New Orleans.

A video of the workers coming to the cow’s aid made its way across the internet, reportedly generating over 75,000 views on Facebook .

Louis Pomes and Parish Government employees, Tyler Acosta, David Palmer and Roy Ragan, Sr. rescue a #cow wedged in a tree in Florissant following #Hurricane #Ida .— St. Bernard Parish (@StBGov) September 1, 2021

The video shows the workers using a buzzsaw to cut around the cow, which appears to have gotten its torso wedged between some branches.

Similarly to the incident in the U.K., there were plenty of puns to go around online as the video made the rounds.

Comments ranging from “an udder mess” to “a high-steaks operation” and many more dotted the various social media platforms.

If they are not getting stuck, it appears that cows may enjoy interstate travel.

In the last few months, law enforcement has been forced to wrangle down loose cows on the highway in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Ohio, in addition to a group of 70 that had been released onto a turnpike in Florida.